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 San Andreas Sheriff Department Format

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Saber T Kart
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PostSubject: San Andreas Sheriff Department Format   San Andreas Sheriff Department Format Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 3:33 pm

San Andreas Sheriff Department Format Sasdlogo
To Protect And Serve!
Hello, I'm Sheriff Saber Kart, The Sheriff Department are Currently Hireing Members! if you would like to Join You must meet the Requirments,
1.Must at least have level 2 In Game
2. Must Be Able to be Active Member
3. Must Know that he needs FBI/Goverment Permmison to get in Los Santos,

(( In Character Part ))
Phone Number:
Back Story(At least 50 Words):
Do you know all San Andreas Villages + Cities:

(( Out of Character Part ))
What level are you In Game:
Are you Active:
Describe MG,RT,RK,DM,:

(( Make Sure to make the Application in the Sub from application Area ))
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San Andreas Sheriff Department Format
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