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 James Morrison LSPD app

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PostSubject: James Morrison LSPD app   James Morrison LSPD app Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 12:22 am

To Protect and Serve
Joining the LSPD Will be a Hard Job protecting the city off Bad guys, Are you ready to work hard and serve you're City ? Yes! Ofcourse
(( In Character ))
Name: James
Last Name: Morrison
Age: 27
Phone Number: 2233
Residents: (if None Type N/A) NONE
Gun Skills?: High, when I was at high school our teacher took us to a range-fire, and I got an A+!
Commited any Past Crimes?: none, always was a good man!
Back Story(125 Words at least):

Hello, My name is James Morrison. I born in Los Santos.
when I was 8 a mafia came to our house in secretly, because my dad was need money. they said to him this ''if you won't give us the money back in a month, you'll die!'' a month passed, and my dad didnt have enough money to pay them back!
suddenly at 21/10/1990 - I'll never forget that day, a door bell was heard, I opened, then some guy knifed me in the leg, I went to the hospital with my mom, when I came back, we saw our father dead.
I was taking my head to the floor and start to crying, when I was 17 me and my mom decided that when I was older I'll try to get to the LS:PD, to clean the city from crimes and have a good life.
(( Out Of Character Application ))
Name: Omer
RP skills: 9
Country: Israel
What level are you? 2
Screen shot of you're stats: send you in private
Can you speak Flunet English: yes
Describe MG,RT,DM,RK,PG:
MG = Metagaming, mixing IC and OOC together.
RT = Rush Taze, means when you're at the police you cant taze a guy that he got a weapon on his hand/backpack, etc.
DM = Deathmatching, hitting some one you see on the street without reason.
RK = Revenge Kill, some mafia killed you, and now you wanna revenge.
PG = PowerGaming, doing & saying unrealistic stuff, like:

/me taking out the RPG from the belt
RPG cant be in a belt Shocked
**Once you finish your Application , you hand it over to the Police Officer at the counter**
Police Officer: I'll hand it over to the Higher Ranks to check your Application, we will contact you if your Application is Approve.
**You nod to the Police Officer and leave the base**
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James Morrison LSPD app
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