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 San Andreas Government Application Form + Req

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PostSubject: San Andreas Government Application Form + Req   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:24 pm

San Andreas Government Application Form

-The Requirments.

((In Character Req))
-Must have completed High School
-Must have Driving License.
-Must be mature.
-Must have no Crime Record

((Out of Character Req))
-Level 3 Atleast (Some not)
-Clean Admin Record (max to 3 kicks doesnt count)
-Must be active

[center][size=18][San Andreas Government][/size]
[color=red]((In Character))[/color]
How long you've been in Los Santos?:
Do you have completed High School?:
Was you ever Arrested?:
If yes, why?: [N/A or Reason]:
Tell us something about yourself (min 200 words):

Why you want to join? (min 50 words):[/b]

[b]Do you carry Driving License?:
Do you carry Piloting License?:
Why should we accept you but not others?:
Do you have weapon license?:
Whats your current Occupation?:
For what position you're applying?[Bodyguard...]:
[color=green]((Out of Character))[/color]
Was you ever banned/kicked/Jailed?:
If yes why?:
Picture of your Stats:
Were you ever been in Government?:
Were you ever been in LSPD or any LEO?:
Your Timezone?:
How long you are online on day?:
Do you have any experience in Government?:[/b]
Did you ever changed name?:
If yes, from what one?:[/center]

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San Andreas Government Application Form + Req
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