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 National Guard Handbook

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PostSubject: National Guard Handbook   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:12 am

National Guard is the main branch of San Andreas Army Responsable for Air/Land Missions.It is one of the established Branches of United States Army.
The Primary Mission of this faction is to fight for the nation's Security. The Mission is to Preserve the peace and the security of San Andreas. Supporting the national policies,implementing the national objective and overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the San Andreas.
National Guards is separated in two pieces: USMC ((United States Marine Corps)) with the commander, the general of National Guards G.Mreti and Assault Military Soldiers.

National Guards Rules Are:
Captain- Ranks Never use the Department Radio without a higher rank permission or only in emergency situations.
The Lieutenant- Ranks must be always ON DUTY unless when the permission is gave by the high ranks or when they leave the town ((logoff)).
Always Patrol with a partner, one guy Drives and the other Use the radio.
Always Follow the Orders of a Higher Rank. If you don't follow the orders, you will be punished.
Respect Always Every Member of your Faction.
When you are on duty, be sure that always you must have your badge on. ((/badge))
You have the right to use deadly force but do not abuse it or you will be highly punished.
Always , wear the correct uniform.
Do not Taze the suspect if he is shooting with a weapon, if he doesn't have weapon or is running in front of you, you have the right to taze him.
If you see a civilian,faction's member in need of help, always help him.
Always Ask Permission to Highers Ranks for something important like entering at a city.


Patriot,FBI's Rancher,Quad

These Vehicles Can be Used by EveryRank , Every Division!

LVPD's Car, SAPD Rancher

These Vehicles Can be Used by Sergeant+ Rank , Division Assault [ARM]

S.W.A.T Tank, Barracks

These Vehicles Can Be Used by Lieutenant+ Rank, Division Assault [ARM]

Securicar,Mechanic's Car,Sanchez

These Vehicles Can Be used By Sergeant+ Rank, Every Division.


This Vehicle Can be Used By Dedective, Every Rank but with General's Permission.


This Vehicle Can be used By Everyone in [AIR] Division and by [ARM] Division with high rank permission.


These Vehicles Can be used By Sergeant+ Ranks, [AIR] Division.


These Vehicles Can be used by Lieutenant+ Ranks, [AIR] Division


Corporal,Sergeant [ARM]
These Ranks Can use only M4,Desert Eagle,Mace,Tazer

These Ranks can use only M4,Desert Eagle,Mace,Tazer,Tear Gas,MP5

Major [ARM]
This Rank Can use only M4,Desert Eagle,Mace,Tazer,Tear Gas, MP5, Sniper Rifle,SPAS

These Ranks Can use Only M4,Desert Eagle,Tazer

Lieutenant,Captain [AIR]
These Ranks Can use Only M4,Desert Eagle,Tazer,Tear Gas,Shotgun

Major [AIR]
This Rank Can use Only M4,Desert Eagle,Tazer,Tear Gas,Shotgun,Country Rifle

This Rank Can use Any Weapon!


This Command is The Radio Speak Command, Can be used by Everyone..Example: /r My 10-20 is LS,over!

This Command is The Department Radio Speak Command, Can be used by High Ranks or Every rank by General Permission

To use /mdc You must be in a vehicle../mdc is used for Finding Civilian/LEO Members Information,Sending SMS's and Messages.

This Command is used for Calling Backup. When you use it , a checkpoint will appear on the GPS of every LEO's Member. They will come and help you!
Note: You can use /nobackup to clear your /backup request.

When you use this command. You unhostlers and get your tazer, Being ready to taze someone. Use again to hostler the tazer.

This Command can be used to shutdown a gang war. Go in a Turf where is going a gang war and use this command.

This Command is used to take a suspect's Drugs,Weapons and illegal things.
Usage: /take [Name] [ID]
Avaiable Names: Weapons,Pot,Crack,Materials,Cellphone,Radio
Note: Always use 1+ /me before use this command.

Use this command to frisk someone.
Usage: /frisk [ID]
Note: Always use 1+ /me before /frisk-ing someone, do not just /frisk.

With This Command You take out a RadarGun's Camera. Use the camera on Cars to see the driving's Speed.

With This Command You Cuff Someone. Firstly you need to restrain the suspect with tazing him , than use /cuff
Note: To uncuff the suspect, use /uncuff..Usage: /cuff [ID]

With this command you throw someone on your's vehicle.
Usage: /detain [ID] [Seat 1-3]
Note: Use 2+ /me's before using this command or you'll be punished.

You can use this command to ticket someone. Example: For Speed,Bar Parking etc.
Usage: /ticket [ID] [Price] [Reason]

With this command you report someone that made a crime.
Usage: /su [ID] [Crime Description]

With this command you check all the Wanted's Suspects.

With this command you arrest a suspect and set the bail.
Usage: /arrest [Price] [Minutes 1-30] [Bail 1(yes)-0(no)] [Bail Price]
Note: To use this command, you must be at Arrest's point.

Find A Plant (Weed), go close to it, crouch, use this command and the plant will be destroyed.

With this command you appear a spike at your Location.
Usage:/deployspikes [Spike ID]
Note: You can use /destroyspikes [ID] to destroy spikes.

With this command you appear a cade at your Location.
Note: You can use /destroycade to destroy the cade.

With this Command you can see all deployed's Spikes.

With This Command you can see all Registered Cars of a Person.
Usage: /vmdc [PlayerID]

With this command you check an owned vehicle.
Usage: Go close to a vehicle and use the command.

With this command you Ticket a vehicle. Like, if a vehicle is parked bad, you go close to the vehicle and use the command.

When you use this command, a red checkpoint will appear on your GPS's Map and that checkpoint guides you to USS Nimitz's Marine Carrier.

[AIR] Division
The Air Division. Air Division members can patrol on the sky, help with airstrike and stuff like that. They must Stay always in the USS Nimitz's Marine Carrier and are going to leave in cases of patrol or air training around the area of the carrier. They can patrol in land only with high ranks permission.

[ARM] Division
The Assault Military Division. The members of this division patrol on the land,make missions on the land and stuff like that. They must stay on the Ng's Base or Area 51, Train there and leave in cases of patrol.

Rate Stars!
* Point,For the Active Player and Good Rp. Get 3 of them and promoted.
* Point,For the Active Player but not Good Rp and not following NG's Rules. Get 3 of them and demoted
* Point, For the NonActive Player, Not Rp Knowledge or Even not following the OOCly, Faction Rules. Get 3 of them and kicked from faction, never joining again.
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National Guard Handbook
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