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 Government News

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PostSubject: Government News   Government News Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 12:00 am

*Government news are all over TV's, New papers and Radios*

Dear Los Santos!
This is Governor John Ridar speaking.

I'm here, to say some things about current status in Los Santos.
The Taxes.
Taxes are now lowered, they are now 20 Percent!
The Paychecks.
Police, NOOSE, FBI, National Guard have now higher paycheck! Thanks to them, the city is more peaceful.

Unenployement is falling fast! Taxes are falling too, paychecks are getting bigger! So save your money for new Los Santos! We hope you will enjoy in this City, becuse the taxes, wont be problem for now!

Thank you.
John Ridar Governor.
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Government News
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