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 My suggestions

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My suggestions Empty
PostSubject: My suggestions   My suggestions Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 10:50 pm

IG Name:Amir_Bontano
1)Well...the Idea is so simple i suggest to make a /pm command it will be like this /pm [ID] [Text] and i think you know what that command does

2)carjacker job
Its a simple job you get in any car and then you type /dropcar 1 or /dropcar 2 each command will set a checkpoint when you drive to that checkpint the car will respawn and you will get money (i dont know how much cause i dont know the economy of the server) and +1 skill and the more skill you have the more money you get

3)I noticed that national guards base is so far so i suggest to allow them to use /ng inside LSPD and allow them to use PD cars

4)You can get the gundealer job from an illegal faction leader only

5)Disable automatic cleaning of the chat it gets annoying when you try to RP

I will post an other topic when i have more ideas Wink
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My suggestions
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