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 the Yamaguchi Gumi (yakuza) Gang Application form

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PostSubject: the Yamaguchi Gumi (yakuza) Gang Application form   Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:26 pm

Gang Name: Yamaguchi Gumi (Yakuza)

Leader: Ace Twoki

Co-Leader: None

Background Story: It will never be the same. This is the very moment when our clan has starts walking on the opposite direction of all the other family. Here and now we begin our journey as a family, not as a clan anymore. Everything is being changed, turned on one side and the other to fit the family's needs and to accommodate the future brothers. From now on, our numbers will be open to those who strongly believe in bonding, mutual respect, discipline and loyalty.

I am proud and honored to introduce the Yakuza branch Yamaguchi gumi. What does it mean ? Well 'Yakuza' is just the general name of all Japanese mobsters who are undergoing illegal activities. Still, there is a more deep structure of Yakuza, divided into families who control regions. Yamaguchi is going to be the family to control the region of Los Santos. This is our new identity, we are going to follow a code of conduct and we are going to understand the principles that stand behind a strong family.

mentioned above the opposite direction this new form of organization is going to walk towards. We did it slightly before, I will bend it to our own needs of communication, information, respect, discipline, trademarking our identity as a family and fun. It may look like we're steering off a powerful mafia from being focused on the fighting side, but to my knowledge without communication, understanding and team work you can never pull off a good fight. In this case I assure you that role-playing to a certain standard is genuinely improving those attributes.

There are not many of us left, but I know we are those who stuck together in good and bad, in peace and war, in simple and complicated and we are not backing up no matter who we stand against. We hit rock bottom, the only way for us from now on is up !


Starting Members:
John Smoke


- 117 (R1)

- 118 (R2)

- 120 (R3)

- 121 (R4)

- 122 (R5)

- 123 (R6)


i will show you guys the HQ after our Fam will be accept

3 Sultan, 2 Maverick, 2 Stretch, 3 turismo
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Saber T Kart
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Head of The Forums

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PostSubject: Accepted   Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:58 am

Hello Member,

Your Family has Been Accepted
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the Yamaguchi Gumi (yakuza) Gang Application form
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