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 Ciccio Family Corporation - Application

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PostSubject: Ciccio Family Corporation - Application   Ciccio Family Corporation - Application Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 1:39 am

The Ciccio Family

The background story:


The Ciccio Corporation was established in San Fierro in 1995 by Fred Ciccio, he focused his interests in Liquor racketing and armsdealing racketing. They also run legal businesses such as a restaurant and a taxi corporation. Lately their income has fallen due to some new law rules in San Fierro. So now Tommy Ciccio, son of Fred Ciccio have decided to start up business in Los Santos where dreams come true. Most of family members are not known to the police, due to their vision in running business in the dark, but the police have managed to get some information still.

Family tree:

It is told that the family consists of a Don which is the leader of the family, beside him he got a consigliere often refered to as a family advisor. Underboss is the second highest rank and is often a person who will be leading the family if the Don have to leave the city or in worst case goes to jail. Beneath the underboss you got several Caporegimes, these are the middle men who are used to communicate between the Don and the Soldiers, they also lead the soldiers. Soldiers are the lowest rank and are normally the guys who handle the dirty business. Families sometimes have associates who do some small jobs, but they are not part of the family, but if they prove worthy they might become a wise man someday.

Location in Los Santos:

The Ciccio Family have considered buying a house in Vinewood where they can relax , have meetings, drink and deal with family business.
They will also buy a restaurant which they will run as a cover for their dirty business in smuggling liquor and arms.
A blackmarket will be made at an unknown location for families to deal their goods between each other or deal with civilians.

Ciccio Reputation:

The Ciccio's have a reputation in dealing with matters in a less harmfull matter then other crime families. They like to talk and deal with business by convesation instead of murdering. However if there should be any problems who need violent attention they normally use baseball bats or other stump weapons to hurt their victims instead of killing them. this keeps the police off the case, and they can focus on more important things like their businesses.

Procedure in becoming a wiseman of the Ciccio family:

Normally a person will have to prove himself worthy before being accepted as a wiseman, he needs to prove that The Ciccio family means more to him then his own family. And also the family is known to have a ritual which they perform when they are taking in new members.

Known members and ranks:

The Don : Tommy "Iron" Ciccio Consigliere: Unknown

Underboss: Unknown

Caporegimes: Unknown

Soldiers: Unknown

Associates: Unknown

((Some Out of character information about me and the family))

My idea with this family is to bring a new family into the Mafia City Roleplay community, I will only take good roleplayers who are more interested in roleplaying then carrying weapons, I will try to run the family in the shadows to hide from the police and the FBI, and try to roleplay it as realistic as possible. I understand you might have enough families/factions at the moment, but still atleast then this application will be here so if you in the future have room for a new family im here. You may notice that the application is only in text, that is because I am a new user on the forum and you need to wait 7 days before you can add pictures. I sit on alot of information about real mafia and I also lead a crime family back in 2007 on another server with 150+ players(I dont want to advertise, but if you need to know what server it is please ask me 1 on 1)

Skins that will be used:

Don : Skin id 126

Underboss : Skin id 111

Consigliere : Skin id 125

Caporegime : Skin id 127 / 185

Soldier : Skin id 124 / 127

Cars (The color will be White):

1 x Limo/Streetch (For meetings or other important happenings)
4 x Admiral (Business cars or for small jobs)
1 x Helicopter (Only used to travel to other cities or in times of war to transport the don safely around)

Thank you for your time, and I hope you can help me getting this family into the community!

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Ciccio Family Corporation - Application
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