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 Los Santos Police Department Application Format

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Saber T Kart
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PostSubject: Los Santos Police Department Application Format   Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:09 pm

To Protect and Serve
Joining the LSPD Will be a Hard Job protecting the city off Bad guys, Are you ready to work hard and serve you're City?
(( In Character ))
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Residents: (if None Type N/A)
Gun Skills?:
Commited any Past Crimes?:
Back Story(125 Words at least):
(( Out Of Character Application ))
RP skills:
What level are you?
Screen shot of you're stats:
Can you speak Flunet English:
Describe MG,RT,DM,RK,PG:
**Once you finish your Application , you hand it over to the Police Officer at the counter**
Police Officer: I'll hand it over to the Higher Ranks to check your Application, we will contact you if your Application is Approve.
**You nod to the Police Officer and leave the base**

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Los Santos Police Department Application Format
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