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 Hand book [Must be read!]

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PostSubject: Hand book [Must be read!]   Hand book [Must be read!] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 12:07 am

The Los Santos Emergency Services Medical Handbook
Issued for medical personal ONLY
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Procedures
3. Codes/Status'
4. Terminology
5. Narcotics/Wound Equipment
((6. Use of /me's))
The Medical Handbook is issued to all personal as soon as they officially earn their "EMS Status." It covers all the vital information that is required throughout all of your work. It essentially covers the basics of EMS work and enables Paramedics to enhance their abilities and become a successful medic. If medics are to follow the guideline below, and use the Handbook to the best of their advantage, the outcome will soon aid you on your travels into becoming a successful, and consistent medic.
Firstly, determine the severity of the burn; whether it be first, second or third degree. Once you have determined the severity of the burn, you must act appropriately. Tell the patient to remain calm and be sure you know what you're doing. Dealing with first and second degree burns is simple; reach into your first-aid kit and remove some Aloe-Vera gel. Apply the gel to the burn and if second degree, perscribe some gel for the patient. Dealing with a third degree burn is slightly more complicated; for this you must rush the patient to hospital, where a skin graft must be performed. To perform the Skin Graft, simply hook the patient up to an IV Connector, applying 15mg of Morphine per hour, immediately apply disinfectant to the burnt area and measure how much surface area it is covering. Once calculated, choose an appropriate location of which skin is going to be removed (The bottom, and ribs are good places). Measure out a new surface area, making sure it will be large enough to cover the burnt area, I'd usually go for one extra unit of measurement (2cm2 would become 3cm2). Remove the skin and use medical glue to fasten it to the burnt area, apply pressure to make sure that the new skin will stay in posistion. Once complete, disconnect the patient from the IV Connector and take them to the recovery room for the narcotics to wear off, etc. Perscribe the patient with some Aloe-Vera gel for a few weeks to ensure there will be no swelling or burning sensation in the skin. Then, refer them to a beutician to have the grafted skin altered to look like the surrounding skin of the area.

Broken Bones:
Whilst en-scene, immediately give the patient some Morphine to relieve the pain. Then identify where the bone fracture is and assist the patient into the back of your Ambulance. Once in the ambulance, fasten a splint around the area of the fracture and elevator the limb (Leg, arm, etc.). Once you've arrived at the hospital, take the patient into an Operating Room and x-ray the given area of fracture thus, you have an accurate image of the fracture, showing you the length, etc. You can then prepare a sized cast that will suffice, prepare the casting materials and mix them with water, quickly and carefully apply them to the area of fracture as after five minutes, the casting materials would've stiffened, forming a cast. Dependent on the location of the fracture, supply the patient with neccesary medical aperatus, crutches for fractured legs/feet, and slings for fractured arms/wrists.

Bullet/Glass Wounds:
As soon as you arrive en-scene stop the patient's bleeding by using clotting powder and dress the wound. Assist the patient into the back of your ambulance and immediately rush to hospital as you will need to perform surgery. Once you've got the patient into the Operating Room, connect them to an IV Connector and fill the machine with the appropriate medication, 15mg of Morphine an hour and 1000ml of Lactated Ringers Solution, thus relieving pain and counter-acting the blood loss. If it is a bullet wound, cut neatly over the wound with a scalpel. Take your medical tweasers and removes the bullet/piece of glass and apply a few drops of disinfectant to the wound. Produce your suture kit and stitch the wound back up. Then, dress the wound in a gauze and take the patient to the recovery room to allow the medication to wear off, etc.

Bruises and Bumps:
If a patient has a bruise or bump, use an ice-pack and place it over the bruise/bump, simply tell the patient to hold it in posistion for around ten minutes and that should've hopefully counter-acted the swelling or bruise.

Narcotics/Wound Equipment:
Morphine - A powerful sedative, providing immediate pain relief. For use in severe situations.
Tramadol - A sedative, providing pain relief, although it is not as strong as Morphine. Effective in minor situations.
Sodium Chloride 9% Solution - AKA Saline, it's used in nearly all medical situations to give drugs. Either inject the drug or place the tablet into the saline for the patient to then drink. It can also be used for severe burn victims and victims with the loss of blood, it prevents blood pressure dropping and, it hydrates.
Bleed Arrest/Clotting Powder - Used to stop bleeding as it helps the blood to clot faster.
Alcohol Wipes - Contains 5% Chlorhexidine to clean wounds.
Gauze/Bandages - Primarily used to bandage but can also be used to aid bleeding.
(For more information on your equipment, go to the index and search for "Equipment List")
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Hand book [Must be read!]
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