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 Radio usage

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Radio usage Empty
PostSubject: Radio usage   Radio usage Icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 12:08 am

Status 1 - Reporting off duty.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 1
Status 2 - Reporting on duty.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 2
Status 3 - Reporting off duty, but I'm open for calls. (Break)
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 3
Status 4 - [Location], Ambulance on Patrol
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Downtown Los Santos, Status 3
Status 5 - Responding, without lights and sirens.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 5
Status 5e - Responding, using lights and sirens.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 5e
Status 6 - I am en-scene and ready to work.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 6
Status 7 - Patient secured, RTB.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 7, RTB
Status 7e - Patient secured, RTB with lights and sirens.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 7e, RTB
Status 8 - Arrived at ASGH.
Example: /r [Badgenumber], Status 8

RTB - Returning to Base
DOA - Dead on Arrival
GSW - Gunshot wound
ETA - Estimated time of arrival.
ASGH - All Saints General Hospital
OR - Operation Room
ER - Emergency Room
BLS - Basic Lift Support
AP - Advanced Paramedic
LRS - Lactated Ringers Solution
UC - Unconscious
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Radio usage
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