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 Some rules for the faction

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PostSubject: Some rules for the faction   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:29 am

In Character
In EMS we have a certain amount of rules set for you all to follow if we find out you haven't been following these rules you will be punished.
- Always drive correctly and on the correct side of the road.
- Always treat the patience with care.
- Always follow the rules and listen to the orders of higher rank.
- When you are on duty, always respond for calls.
- Always upload information(medic report) in the computer after having an emergency.

Out of Character
We also have a certain amount of OOC rules set for you to follow.
- Always roleplay.
- Always drive carefully.
- Always respect server admins and other higher ranked people around you.
- Always play 75% on your EMS account.
- Never abuse the /m command, only to be used in emergencies.
- Always follow server rules.
- Don't insult anyone and respect everyone even if you were a higher rank.
- Never abuse your rank power.(or admin power if you were an admin)
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Some rules for the faction
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