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 Suggestion Topic

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PostSubject: Suggestion Topic   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:51 am

Since the FDSA/EMS faction is always about RP with use of a lot of /me and /do and there is nothing scripted well, in the opposite way for LSPD etc... They have more scripted things.
To make the faction better, and less "boring" for people, suggest here new ideas for the faction(everyone can suggest even if you are not in the faction) with filling the following format:

Los Santos Emergency Service - Improvement Ideas
Your Name:
Suggestion Type[Forum or Server]:
How could it improve us:
Other Comments:

I'm welling to see good ideas, and that the admins will support us and script and map the new or some of the new ideas.
Thank you, yours R.Johnny.
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Suggestion Topic
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