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 B.I.A.C (( Gang Aplication ))

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B.I.A.C (( Gang Aplication )) Empty
PostSubject: B.I.A.C (( Gang Aplication ))   B.I.A.C (( Gang Aplication )) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 12:56 am

Family Name : Brothers In Arms Corporation
Leader : Mikey Martinez
Co Leader : Non ...for now

The History:
All begin With a 20 years Old Man Called Mikey . He Grown up as Normal Person . After He Finished His school He joined the National Guard Army . After Working for 2 years as Sergeant In Air division he resided To quit The Army And Join SADPS duties. After Few Years He was a Captain . He was One of the respected people in LEO Departments . As his Job gone in a great position he suddenly decided To become a Government Employ in order To make money .. Few Years passed And He was kicked Off The government because the found in respectable Drugs that one Of the government members placed in his pockets in order kick him out . after that Story 25 years Old Mikey Decided That He will go against Government and all the people whom hated him .
one Day i was Sitting In my house thing Of a Place that i can open in order To make Money,as Suddenly a ruck driver Offered me a nuilding to Buy ,it was a great Factory that was Closed becouse Police found Drugs in it. i decided to buy the factory and begin With My Own searching For my revenge . i bought Few Cars and few helicopters . i hired people that i was able to call them Brothers and with the time a Corporation that named Brothers In Arms started to be active .to be continue...

R6 - Head Commander
R5 - Under Commander
R4 - Corporation Director
R3 - Respected Soldier
R2 - Working Employ
R1 - Newcomer

Members Will me hired as soon as possible

240 - Head Commander
294 - Under Commander
164 - Corporation Director
48 - Respected Soldier
101 -Working Employ / Newcomer
192 - Female Member

HQ : i will show you In Game if the Application will be accepted

Sultan ( id 560 )
Sultan ( id 560 )
Buffalo ( id 402)
Buffalo ( id 402 )
Rancher ( id 489 )
Rancher ( id 489 )
Maverick ( id 487 )
Flatbed ( id 455 ))

hope you like My Application.
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B.I.A.C (( Gang Aplication ))
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